Tentex Royal

tentex royalErectile dysfunction is a common health issue associated with the sexual life and sex organ in men. It has an adverse effect on the sexual performance of the sufferer. This in turn leads to dissatisfaction and disappointment on the part of both the partners. As a result, overall health of the concerned men is affected negatively. But there is no need to worry as Himalaya Herbals has presented a wonderful herbal formulation called as Tentex Forte. It helps in improving functions of the penis which in turn allows men to have complete sexual pleasure.

What are the major components?

Himalaya Tentex Royal is rich in Hygrophilia, small caltrops and almond.

What it does?

  • Himalaya Tentex Royal helps in improving the vasolidation of the penis facilitated by the improved blood flow. This action is helpful in achieving harder and stronger erections.
  • The erectile dysfunction is corrected due to improved blood flow towards the penile tissues which in turn allows it to give its best performance.
  • It acts as a very good aphrodisiac which in turn improves sexual desire considerably.
  • It also treats and prevents premature ejaculation so as to sustain the erections for long time periods.

How to use?

Since everyone has varying health issues and different physical requirements therefore it is advised to consult your physician to decide about the dose of this product.

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