Prepared from a wonderful blend of ginger, black pepper and Long pepper, Himalaya Trikatu proves to be an amazing product that is beneficial for the human body in multiple ways. It is good for the entire body in one way or the other. Owing to same reason, it is being used at vast scale to promote overall health of the human beings in a safe and natural way. The general meaning of the term ‘Trikatu’ is ‘combination of three pungents’.

Why is Himalaya Trikatu useful?

  1. Trikatu helps in ensuring normal digestion. It stimulates all the digestive parts and organs to work normally so as to ensure normal digestive functions.
  2. It regulates blood circulation in the entire body so as to get rid of any health issues that may arise due to improper and obstructed supply of the blood.
  3. It supports normal functions of the respiratory system as well. It treats and prevents various diseases and disorders associated with the respiratory system.
  4. It is good for the health of the urinary system as well. It helps in excretion of wastes from the body in an efficient manner.
  5. Metabolic activity is paced up which in turn helps in weight management.

How to use Trikatu?

Mostly, one capsule is advisable following meals. To have the desired results, it is to be taken regularly.

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