Triphala Churna

Triphala Churna

As per Indian language, the basic meaning of Tri is three while phala means fruits. It implies Baidyanath Triphala Churna has been prepared from a blend of three amazing fruits found in the Mother Nature. These are Harre, Bahera and Amla. All these fruits are known for their health beneficial action on the entire body. Hence these are used together to get the magical product called as Triphala Churna. Since it is purely an herbal formulation therefore it is totally safe for the users.

Uses of Triphala Churna

Baidyanath Triphala Churna acts as an alterative and hence re-directs the course of any illness so as to aid in faster recovery.

It acts as a very good laxative as well as aperients and hence offers great relief from acute as well as chronic constipation.

It can be used to get rid of diarrhoea, dyspepsia etc.

It is equally effective in case of piles and haemorrhage.

It also aids in purification of the blood so as to promote general body health.

It is good for eye health as well. It soothes down any irritation or itching in the eyes.

Mode of using

Mostly, 6 to 12gm of Triphala Churna is advised to be taken with water.

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