Enriched with the goodness of Haritaki, Amla and Vibhitaki, Himalaya Triphala is an amazing herbal remedy for the digestive system. It is quite efficient in normalizing the digestive functions. Due to herbal or organic nature of this product, it is safe in all respects for the entire body. The literal meaning of the term ‘Triphala’ is an amalgamation of three fruits and hence its name.

What are the important uses of Himalaya Triphala?

  1. It corrects all the digestive disorders so as to aid in normal and proper digestion.
  2. It is helpful in getting rid of occasional constipation.
  3. It acts as a very good detoxifying agent for the entire body.
  4. It normalizes blood pressure.
  5. The blood circulation to the entire body is also regulated very well.
  6. It is good for the liver too.
  7. It is a very good anti-ageing agent and hence prevents premature ageing.
  8. It improves natural body immunity to enhance body’s capacity to fight off various infectious diseases.
  9. It is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties and hence beneficial for the body.
  10. It is a very good source of nutrition for the entire body.

Himalaya Triphala is absolutely safe for the entire body and hence recommendable for anyone suffering from digestive issues.

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