Vajrakshar Churna

Vajrakshar Churna

Baidyanath Vajrakshar Churna is an efficient and fabulous herbal product that helps in normalizing digestive functions. Keeping in mind the safety of the users, it has been formulated using some of the fantastic and safest of herbal constituents found in the nature. Therefore it is free from any adverse effects on the overall body health. The major components of this wonderful herbal product are Tankan, Sajji Kshar, Yavakshar and Salt.

Most important benefits of Vajrakshar Churna

Baidyanath Vajrakshar Churna is an excellent gastric stimulant and hence it stimulates the entire digestive system for its most optimal functions.

Problem of acidity is relieved in the most excellent manner possible owing to antacid action exhibited by this wonderful herbal remedy.

It also aids in offering relief from abdominal colic.

Dyspepsia can also be cured in an efficient manner.

Swelling of the abdomen due to filling of gas or air in it is also cured. It helps in releasing air or gas from the stomach which in turn relieves tympanites.

It manages the problem of indigestion by promoting normal digestion.

How to use?

To get relieved of various health issues, it is advised to take 3 gm of Vajrakshar Churna with warm water.

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