Himalaya Vasaka has been prepared from the pure herbal extract of Malabar nuts. It is chiefly beneficial for the health of the respiratory system and the lungs. Apart from treatment of health issues related with the respiratory system or the lungs, Himalaya Vasaka is also efficient in prevention of the same. It offers great comfort from any types of discomfort caused due to respiratory disorders.

Important uses of Himalaya Vasaka

  1. Himalaya Vasaka supports normal functions of the respiratory system. It normalizes flow of oxygen through the entire respiratory system to serve this purpose.
  2. Constant coughing can be soothed down and treated.
  3. It nourishes the respiratory system.
  4. It helps in removal of phlegm from the respiratory tract and the lungs so that the problems in breathing may be got ridden of.
  5. The natural body immunity is improved so that infectious diseases related to the respiratory system may be treated and prevented.
  6. Himalaya Vasaka is totally safe for all and hence may be used by anyone to get rid of respiratory health issues.
  7. No harm is caused to the overall health of the human body even if these capsules are used for prolonged time period for treatment of respiratory issues.
  8. It improves efficiency of bronchial system of the body for easy and normal breathing.

How to use?

You may take one or two capsules of Himalaya Vasaka along with meals or as directed by your healthcare physician.

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