Himalaya Yashtimadhu capsules have been prepared from the herb of the same name. This herbal product exhibits all the health beneficial properties and actions possessed by the original herb. It is mainly used to normalize digestive functions. In fact, it is sometimes known as digestive herb due to positive effect on the digestive system.

Why to use Himalaya Yashtimadhu capsules?

  1. Yashtimadhu aids in normal digestion of the foods consumed by the body.
  2. It also offers relief from acidity, hyperacidity and ulcers that interfere with normal digestion process. All this is due to several properties contained in this product.
  3. It is good for normal heart functions as well.
  4. It offers great relief from mental stress.
  5. Skin problems are also soothed down due to its cooling and soothing properties.
  6. It prevents premature ageing of various body parts and organs.
  7. Signs and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome as well as menopause are also got ridden of.
  8. Viral infections are also prevented due to anti-viral action.
  9. It is good for arthritis and rheumatism patients as well.
  10. Mouth sores can be treated well with the use of this herbal formula.
  11. It possesses strong anti-allergic properties also and hence aids in treatment and prevention of various types of allergies in the body.

How to use?

In most of the cases, one capsule of Yashtimadhu is enough to be taken two times in a day following meals.

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